El Salvador



El Salvador is a land of volcanoes, many of them still active, which means there is an abundance of fertile soil and high altitude – perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee.

For the last few years, we have been working with an incredible group of smallholder farmers who are committed to the principles of specialty coffee production in the lesser-known northern region of Chalatenango. We first came across this coffee during a trip to El Salvador in 2017 and have been working alongside Alfonso, Maria, Jose, and Orlando ever since. Their coffee gets better each year and we are committed to purchasing their full production of specialty grade coffee due to their admirable dedication to their crop and land. This coffee is high grown in comparison to much of El Salvador and as such experiences a later harvest. Another unique factor is that the coffee is washed on-site as opposed to being taken to a centralised wet mill. This means the producers themselves can maintain control over the flavor profile and quality of their coffee and they are invited to cup each lot at the lab in La Palma to receive feedback from the expert cuppers there. The farms that have contributed to this lot are beautiful and are run with care and consideration for the environment and farm workers.

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