We always enjoy having a washed and a natural processed coffee from Ethiopia. As a coffee-producing country, we really think it is the origin that displays the most terroir specific aromas in the cup thanks to the incredible natural forests and the fact that coffee was first discovered here in the 10th century – you can near enough taste a thousand years of growing history!

Usually, naturally processed beans are strikingly different to washed coffees with much less acidity and higher levels of body and sweetness. In the case of Ethiopian naturals, this is not always the reality – there is simply so much character already within the cup that those clean and complex notes are simply maximised, becoming more intense while maintaining some acidity but emphasising the sweetness.

This year’s natural processed lot comes to us from the Daannisa village in the highlands of Guji. It is a certified organic coffee and it grows wildly amongst shade trees at 2000 metres above sea level. Upon reaching full maturity, the cherries are handpicked and delivered to Dambi Uddo, an agricultural cooperative in Odo Shakiso owned by Mr Ture Waji and managed by Mr Roba Goljo who carefully sort through the collected cherries to process out any over or under-ripe beans. Once sorted, the cherries are laid out on raised drying beds to gradually reduce in moisture content to prepare them for export. This process is very labour intensive as the risk of mould formation is high; the cherries must be turned by hand hourly to ensure even and safe drying. This whole process can take up to 22 days – during this time, there is a degree of natural fermentation happening within the bean’s own environment beneath the skin of the cherry. This element of the process contributes incredible cupping notes of mango, blueberry and black grape. We have found this coffee is best served as a contemporary espresso with minimal milk (piccolo) or through the AeroPress or V60 (both served black). Enjoy!

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