Flavours: Banana | Strawberry | Mango | Pineapple

An outstanding showcase of the impact of fermentation and processing on coffee’s cup profile – this coffee comes to us from Señora Blanca Rosa (mother of Frances Romero – the producer we purchased last year’s micro lot from!) who has worked with the Aruco coop to add value to her crop by participating in their micro lot programme. What may have been a more ordinary coffee, grown at a lower altitude, has blossomed into a cup full of complexity and bursting with tropical fruit thanks to the 90 hours the cherries spent anaerobically macerating in a barrel before being dried on raised beds.

It is worth being patient with this coffee to observe its changing flavour profile as it cools. At the start we get hints of strawberry and mango with a kiwi-like acidity – as the cup cools there are notes of concord grape and pineapple with a seriously syrupy mouthfeel. It is outstanding and a true testament to the spirit of specialty coffee – everyone involved in this supply chain has taken a risk in pursuit of quality and the better returns it promises. The boundaries of coffee are truly being pushed and we are delighted to play a part in bringing this exceptional lot to your mugs!

We find this coffee is best as a black filter coffee (brewed on an AeroPress or V60) or as a very funky espresso with a touch a milk, enjoy!

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